Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Monthly Intentions Collaboration- October

Hey everyone! September literally flew by for me! So I'm back with the Monthly Intentions Collab for the month of October. Like always, I'll update y'all about September and also talk about my goals for October.

High for September- My high for September was defiantly the fact that I started attending the Delight Ministries chapter on my campus. It's so much fun. The girls are so sweet. All the apparel and the devotional books are adorable. I really feel Jesus working in me through this and I love that I took a leap of faith to try the group. I'm going to continue being a part throughout this school year and hopefully beyond that.

Low for September- My low for September was the fact that I felt pretty overwhelmed at times through the month. I had a lot of tests and quizzes and a paper due in my classes, I've been trying to get into the gym more, I'm nannying and staying involved in my sorority and getting involved in Delight. So the combination of everything got to me at times and made me anxious. However, I'm feeling much better as I head into October and resting in the truth that God has it under control.

September Goals Update-
1. Get into a good school/work routine- I think I did a pretty good job with this one, even though I felt overwhelmed at times I was always able to maintain my schedule.

2. Stick to my updated blogging schedule- I definitely failed at this one, I'll be honest. Tuesday's are my longest day so having a post go up on those days just wasn't realistic. However, I'm amended my schedule again and hope to stick to that in October.

3. Enjoy- I think I generally accomplished this. I like I was able to make it through being overwhelmed because I was able to enjoy a lot of the individual parts of my life.

October Goals-
1. Go apple picking- My family has been talking about going apple picking up in the mountains for a few weeks now so I'm really wanting to go and really hope we make it this month!

2. Color more- This weekend I had some extra time to color and I remembered how much I love it. So I really want to make it a priority to color during the month of October.

3. Stick to my updated blogging schedule- As I said before, it didn't work out for me during the month of September so I re-did my schedule and am striving to stick to the new one, you'll see a new post about the schedule soon!

I hope you enjoyed this post! And as always with this collaboration- check out the ladies below to see what their goals are for this month are!  



  1. My blogging schedule last month was not as great as I wanted to be either. It happens sometimes though! I'm hoping this month will be much better for me. Apple picking sounds like a lot of fun!!! Good luck with your goals this month!

  2. That is a lot on your plate - with everything going on it's okay to take some time away from blogging. I've found if I can spend one day writing out as many posts as I can and then taking another day to do the images it cuts the time in half. (I've been trying that is.)

    Apple picking is one of my favourite things to do in fall. Can't wait to get back out there and pick more apples. So many apple dishes!!

    Good luck with reaching your goals! I know that you will kick this month's butt in goals! Cheers!

  3. I haven't been apple picking since I was in the first grade and I really want to go again! There's just like no orchards around me though. I hope you do get to go though!

    Caitlyn |

  4. Really enjoyed reading this and seeing you write that your in a sorority as we dont have them here in ireland. Also reading about been in college makes me want to start college again have been wanting to go back as a mature student with a while. great post xx

  5. oh feeling overwhelmed is never fun but I am glad you have a plan for your scheduling to help make things easier!
    I hope you do go apple picking! I went for the first time ever this year and it was amazing!! Can't wait to see how you do this month!! Enjoy your time!!

  6. I'm right there with you about the blogging schedule! I failed miserably at that but am using that failure to help make this month better!

    Sounds like you had quite a successful September! Best of luck in October (:

  7. Being anxious sucks! Point blank period. I know first hand how being overwhelmed can make the anxiety monster rear it's ugly little head. It's good that your have your faith to lean on in the tough times. I know that God's literally been my saving grace on many occasions.

    I haven't been apple picking in forever... but i remember that it's super fun! I hope you had a blast!