Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Monthly Intentions Collaboration-November

Hey everyone! Yet again, I'm here at the beginning of a new month and ready to share my goals. October went super fast for me! So I'm going to update ya'll on my October goals as well as share what I'm striving for in November.

High for October-My high for October was the fact that I got to go to a pumpkin patch twice this month! I went once with Delight (a women's college ministry) and once with my sorority sisters. It was super nice to do something fun and it was so much fun to take all kinds of cute pictures (check out my Instagram to see some of them!).

Low for October- My low for October was the heat! Its still hasn't quite cooled down here in North Carolina so it's still in the 80s most days. It's totally not fun for me! But it seems to be cooling down now that we are into November so things are definitely looking up!

October goals update-
1. Go apple picking- I did do this! The heat kept it from being as fun as I would've hoped if I'm being honest. But I'm still thankful for the experience.

2. Color more- I did not complete this at all. I was very busy with classes and other fun events that I let it fall out of my focus. But I do like to color, it just did not happen this month.

3. Stick to my updated blogging schedule- I think I was pretty successful with this one so that makes me feel great! I really struggled at the beginning of the semester to find a schedule that would work for me so now that I've found one I feel really great. But at the same time I've kind of relaxed about my blogging schedule this month. I don't want blogging to ever cause me stress so I don't want to beat myself up if I don't feel like posting on a particular day.

November Goals

1. Read one book over Thanksgiving break- When I'm in school I never read anything for fun or for myself because I focus on all the reading I have for school (as a special education major and sociology minor there's a lot of assigned reading). So now that I have a long break coming up I want to be able to read a book for myself. I actually have a few I've been wanting to read so I don't think it'll be very hard for me to pull off.

2. Eat healthy snacks- so a lot of y'all probably know this, you don't always eat the healthiest when your in college. Other things become more important, but I really want to put healthier eating back on my priority list and I'm going to do that by making sure I'm eating just one healthy snack a day.

3. Journal every day- I've kept a journal off and on for almost my entire life. But I haven't done it in what feels like forever, so this month I want to get back into it and stick to it everyday. I love being able to just brain dump and get out everything that happened, everything I'm feeling, and more onto paper.

I hoped you enjoyed looking at my goals for this month! What are your goals for November? Let me know in the comments bellow! And as always, be sure to check out the ladies below who also participate in this collab!


  1. I love your high!! Pumpkin patches are so much fun! And I so wish I had taken pictures when we were there!! Well more than I did, I think I took five haha. I love your goals for November, what book are you going to read for yourself? I've found that a lot of people go to school and forget to read for pleasure so I am happy you are going to do that!!

  2. I can't believe it's been 80 degrees down there! I'm at school up in New England and the other day when I left for class it was only 34 degrees out!

    Reading is such a great past time! As soon as I finish my last final on Thursday I plan on settling down with a good book!

    Goodluck on your goals for the month of November and congratulations on a great October!

  3. Ooo, what's on your list of books to read? My sister was a history major and she didn't read for fun for ages because of all the assigned reading, so I get it.

  4. Omg! Pumpkin patches. I miss going to those. Went last year with my sister and her son, but didn't find the time to go to one this year. Sigh.

    What do you have planned to read on your Thanksgiving break? I am in dire need of finding some new books to read.

    Good luck with the eating healthy - I'm trying really hard to do that for myself as well. Eep!