Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Reflection

Hey everyone! And Happy New Year's Eve! Today, I'm sitting down today to share my thoughts on 2016. Can you believe the year is already gone? Can you believe we're preparing to ring in 2017? Honestly, I say this every year, but I really cannot believe the year has gone so fast!And I can't believe another year has come and gone. So I really wanted to just talk a little bit about the year before it's officially gone!

This year has been a super crazy one to say the least and so many things have happened and changed in my life this year. I finished one school year and started another. This is probably the craziest part of this year to me because I'm constantly so surprised by how fast my college career has been going. I was officially accepted into the College of Education at UNCC this June and officially became a Special Education major. I declared a minor in Sociology in September. I made Chancellor's List one semester and Dean's List the other. I finally finished up my final general education requirements and ready to focus solely on my upper division classes.

It goes so fast that I can hardly believe I've already been in college a year and a half. However, I've accomplished so much and changed so much I hardly feel like the same person I was back in 2015. Even apart from academics, a lot has happened in 2016. Throughout most of the year a group of girls and I have worked to start a chapter of Sigma Alpha Omega Christian Sorority at our school. It's taken a lot of hard work but we are finally ready to go for initiation and recruitment in January! So be on the lookout for some sorority related posts and possibly vlogs! I also decided to join my school's chapter of Delight Ministries. I talk about it more in my college update post- but basically it's a college women's ministry that meets weekly and shares stories, has fun, and grows with Jesus. It's been such a blessing to meet all the girls in both of these groups. I just cannot wait to continue with both in 2017!

I've obviously continued to blog throughout 2016 and I still just really love doing it. However, I did make a change to my blog in November. I changed the name from Faith's Girly Life to what it is today (Life With Faith). I felt like I really needed some change in my life and that I had kind of outgrown the name I choose for my blog back during my senior year of high school. I am most definitely going to continue to blog and share my thoughts with you all in the new year!

I also branched out a little bit and started vlogging in December. I had been interested in vlogging for a while because it seemed like so much fun and I've always enjoyed watching other peoples vlogs. I never went ahead and tried it out thought because I was always nervous that I would be too awkward, I wouldn't be able to learn how to edit properly, or that people just would not care what I was doing. But, I decided to do it anyway and I'm so glad I did! It's been a ton of fun and I've gotten some positive responses! I definitely plan to continue to vlog into the new year.  If you're interested in staying up to date with all of my vlogs; be sure to subscribe here!) 

I also started working consistently this year, which is something I'd never done before until now. In May, I started nannying for one family and worked with them throughout the summer entire summer. Then in August I started nannying for another family which I plan to be with until the end of January. I also still babysit here and there for the first family I was a nanny for and also consistently babysit for a few other families. It's be a very new experience for me because I've never had to keep up with kids schedules on top of my own before and I do think there's been a little bit of a learning curve in that aspect.

However, overall I think it's been a really good experience and it's been nice to be able to be able to save money that I can put towards moving out of my parents house come graduation. After I'm no longer nannying for the family I currently work for, I'm hoping to get a job at a daycare close by and have already started talking to the director of the daycare and the background check process. God willing, this job will all come together in the new year! I still have to see what happens with this new job, but I will definitely update y;all at a later time.

If you're still reading this, thanks for sticking with me through all the rambling. I know this post was just a little bit long. It hasn't been a perfect year, but overall, it has been a really good year and I'm very happy with everything I've done and accomplished this year.  I am also so excited for 2017 and cannot wait to see what it has in store for me in all aspects of my life. I'm looking forward to continued hard work in school and the gym, continuing to grow with girls in Delight and Sigma Alpha Omega, spending time with my family, and continuing to blog and vlog. If you're interested in seeing my goals- or resolutions- for 2017, I'm going to have an entire post dedicated to that go live tomorrow- New Year's Day. I hope y'all have had a great 2016 and are just as excited for 2017 as I am! Let me know something good that happened to you during 2016  in the comments bellow!

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  1. Happy New Year Faith! Sounds like this year was pretty profound for you. Looking forward to seeing your goals for 2017!