Saturday, December 17, 2016

Lessons I Learned Moving Cross Country

Hey everyone! I wrote a post about a month ago where I talked about my experience moving cross country (linked here) and I said I wanted to talk about a few lessons with y'all that I learned through the experience, so I'm here today to share those with you. I hope that you are able to learn something from my experience just like I was able to! and as always this month, Happy Blogmas!

It's okay to loose touch with people you thought were your friends.
When I left CO I was friends with a few people that I believed would be my friends for life. We talked a lot, we were in classes together, we had sleep overs, and when my family announced we were moving- these friends and I expressed how much we'd miss each other. And over the summer I stayed in touch with them through social media and email, and even partly through my 8th grade year. But as times went on we really lost touch, and now as a sophomore in college, I haven't talked to most of these friends in a few years. At first, as I began to see that we were loosing touch, it bothered me. I wanted desperately wanting to hold on to these people. But slowly I realized that loosing touch is okay. I realized that if being friends for life was truly meant to be- we wouldn't have lost touch. I accepted that losing touch with old friends is a part of life. So I want to tell y'all that it's ok to loose touch with friends.

Sometimes comfortable isn't always what's best for you.
I was excited to move, but I was very scared too and I'd often miss CO during the first (and hardest) year of our move. I wanted to be back in CO where I understood what was around me. I wanted to be back in CO where people knew who I was. I wanted to be back in CO where it was comfortable. But this move taught me that comfortable isn't always what's best. I may have been uncomfortable at first in NC. I might not have understood everything around me and I might not have known anyone at first. But it was the best place for me, and still is. NC is the best place for me to have graduated from high school and it's the best place for me to be in college right now. So I want to tell y'all that what's uncomfortable might end up being exactly what you need.

It's okay to be messy.
I was always someone who felt like I had to have life together and that I need to portray this picture of having it all together but if you read my blog post about my experience moving cross country, it was messy at times and it definitely wasn't a perfect transition. This idea of perfection carried on after the move and into high school up until I graduated. But that really started to change in college and now that I can look back and reflect on this move, it's really showed me that life was messy and it's taught me that it's ok (even if it's taken some hindsight to fully learn it.) So I want to tell y'all that it's ok to be messy. You don't have to be perfect to be amazing. You can be messy and wonderful all at the same time; never forget that.

I really hope you enjoyed this insight into my thoughts regarding my move and I hope you were able to take something from the lessons I've learned. Feel free to add your thoughts on these topics in the comments below!


  1. It IS OK to lose touch with people over the years. But I have found that old friends are usually the best friends. My son, Alex, has friends that he grew up with since 1st grade, and is still in touch with. They have all been to each other's bachelor parties and weddings, even though they are scattered around the US now. My husband and I get together every year with friends from college (45 years ago!). But through our lives, some people will come and go, coming when we need them in that stage of our lives, and when they need us, and then moving on when we have both taken from that relationship what we need. That's life!

  2. Love this! I've moved a lot as a military child, but this last move I did has been so hard on me! I relate to your first to insights so much! I feel like I'm losing touch with some of my old friends, and I'm slowing allowing myself to be okay with it.

    Caitlyn |