Saturday, December 10, 2016

New Vlog- We Got a Christmas Tree!

Hey everyone! So today I'm sharing another bonus blogmas post today! If you've been reading Life With Faith from the beginning of December you probably know that I'm starting to vlog (my first vlog is about my sister's 18th birthday lunch). Although I know I'm not perfect at it just yet and still have some stuff to learn in the world of filming and editing,  I think it's tons of fun to film what's going on in my life and share it with y'all.

This year I decided to vlog the entire process of us getting our Christmas tree; from picking it out to having it fully decorated. We always wait to get a tree until after my sisters birthday (which is on December 7th) so by the time we get around to getting one, I'm always super excited. The process in the video is the tradition we follow almost exactly every single year!

I'd love for y'all to watch the video by clicking bellow and even subscribing if y'all want to catch all the vlogs to come! I have two vlogs up for you to enjoy now and I'm planning on vlogging during other events as well in the near future!

Happy Blogmas! I hope you're enjoying all these fun posts! Come back tomorrow for another and be sure to look back at any old posts you've missed!

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