Thursday, December 22, 2016

Vlog- Nellie's Southern Kitchen

Hey everyone! Yesterday my family and I decided to celebrate Christmas by going out to dinner at Nellie's Southern Kitchen. It's a restaurant in Belmont that is actually owned by the Jonas Brothers' parents! The opened the restaurant to honor the brother's great-grandmother.  It had a tons of really yummy classic southern food. We had really been hoping we'd see Nick, Kevin, or Joe hanging out there. We didn't get that lucky. But we did see their parents and even got to take a picture with their little brother Frankie!

Over all it was so much fun and so cool for me to go! I went to the Jonas Brother concert back in like 2008 so it was a pretty fun full circle moment to be able to go to a restaurant owned by their parents. I'm so thankful for the experience and so thankful I was able to vlog it to share it with y'all! Click the video bellow to watch to full vlog and see everything! And as always, please subscribe to my YouTube channel (under the name 'Faith Dumais') if you like my vlogs! There will be another up come Monday morning by the way! Be sure you don't miss that video :)

I have such a fun time with vlogging and I really hope you all enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy filming and editing them! Let me know it the comments bellow what your plans are to celebrate Christmas this year! I'd love to hear about them! I also hope you have a wonderful holiday no matter where you are or what you're up to.

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