Sunday, January 8, 2017

Classes I'm Taking- Spring 2017

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be gearing up to start the spring semester! Because I'm getting myself ready to start school again (I start classes again tomorrow!), I wanted to sit down and share with y'all what classes I'll be taking during the spring semester. I think I got into great classes and got a great schedule which makes me very excited to get back into the routine of school. Just to make sure everyone knows- I'm a Special Education major and Sociology minor. I was able to finish my general education requirements last fall so now all of my classes will be focused on upper division classes for my major and minor for the rest of my college experience. I think it's going to be super fun to be able to focus solely on my major and minor (things I was able to choose for myself and obviously care a great deal about) instead of having to take general education requirements. It should be a great semester!

So lets get into it, this is what I'm taking....

SPED 3100- Intro to General Curriculum for Special Needs Learners 
SPED 3175- Instructional Plan in Special Education
SOCY 2161- Sociological Social Psychology
SOCY 2171- Social Problems
SOCY 4172- Deviant Behavior

Something that will be very different for me is the fact that all of the Sociology classes I'm taking (Sociological Social Psychology, Social Problems, and Deviant Behavior) are all 100% online! I've never taken online classes before but I'm excited for it because I think I'm someone who will really enjoy the independence an online class allows. Of course I'm a little nervous about time management, but I think I will do great as long as I keep myself motivated and doing the work. If you're interested in seeing a post later on in the semester about my experience with online classes or tips for success in online classes please let me know!

I'm obviously really excited for the new semester and I also love sharing things like this with y'all so I really hoped you enjoyed this look into my classes! Please let me know your thoughts or questions about these classes in the comments bellow and totally add what classes you'll be taking as well!

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