Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Choosing a College Minor

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk about something I don't often see talked about on blogs and such- choosing a college minor. There seems to be lots of posts about college majors, but I rarely see anything about minors. I had a really long process when it came to choosing a minor so I want to share my insight in the hopes that it helps another college student out there! I do want to note that a minor isn't required in college, but many people have them to meet credit hour requirements for graduation and to gain some knowledge in an additional field that may help them in their career. I firmly believe that choosing your minor is just as important as choosing your major so I want to share my experience and my tips. With any luck, this will help someone out there choose the minor that is right for them!

I want to start with my own experience with choosing my minor. This is a little bit of a long story (thanks in advance for bearing with me!) but I really want to share because I think some will find it interesting or helpful. If you don't know, I am a sociology minor, but that wasn't what I had originally planned on when I started thinking about college. When I was in high school I knew I was really interested in psychology so that is what I really wanted to minor in. However, when I got to college I learned that the college of education at UNCC offered a reading education minor that would allow me to teach reading remediation classes in the future. I then decided that reading education would be a good minor for me because it would make me more marketable. But, the longer I thought about it the more I realized that my heart wasn't in it. I also new about a minor offered through the college of education called urban youth and communities.

Then, my first semester of college I really fell in love with urban schools, so I thought urban youth and communities would be a better fit. Then I realized I would be able to double minor in urban youth and communities and sociology, so I decided I'd just go for it. However, my second semester of my freshman year I took a prerequisite course for the urban youth and communities minor and the longer I was in that class the more I realized that it was just not making me happy. So, about three days before fall registration, I changed my mind again. I had wanted to go back to psychology like I had wanted back in high school. But, the more I looked into the psychology department at my school the more I realized that all the classes fill up very fast and it would be very stressful to get all the classes I needed to complete the minor. Lastly, I decided sociology was going to be my minor. I felt like it was very similar to psychology, something that is still very interesting to me, and getting into sociology classes at my school was much easier. Fall of my sophomore year I officially declared sociology as my minor and I should have the minor completed this May.

I am so happy with my decision and think it all worked out for the best for me. But, I do feel like I could've gotten there faster and easier with a little direction. That's why I also want to share a few tips that might help someone else along that way.

So here are 5 tips I have for anyone who's trying to decide on their college minor...

Take your time deciding
Pay attention to what interests you
Pay attention to what might help you in you future career
Don't listen to what others are saying
Don't follow what others in your major are doing

Hopefully these tips help someone out there! And hopefully you enjoyed reading about my own experience with choosing my minor. If your in college, what's your minor? What was your experience with choosing it? Let me know in the comments below!

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