Thursday, March 30, 2017

Brunch With Faith #2 (March)

Hey everyone! I really enjoyed putting together my first Brunch With Faith post so I thought I'd keep going with it. I just think it's such a good way to keep my readers up to date on my life and also give myself something I can go back to look at.

There was some fun stuff during the month of March but there was always some same-old-same-old as well. So let's start with the normal routine stuff. Work was the same for the most part, although I did work more than usual during my spring break because the parents and big brother of the boy I nanny went on vacation while him and his grandma stayed home. They stayed because the plane bothered him too much to be on it for the entire flight, so him and his grandma got off and went back home. I spent the week helping her out and it was honestly a really good week as far as work was concerned. It was nice to have something a little different than my normal routine for a short time, even if there's nothing wrong with the routine.

The most exciting and fun thing that happened during the month of March, that you can probably gather from what I've already said, was spring break! I had an entire week off from classes during the month of March and it was awesome. I was really getting to the point mentally where I really needed a break from school. I spent most of the time hanging out around my house and getting stuff done both personal stuff, like making myself a pin box, and school stuff, like making study guides for the 3 tests and 1 quiz I had the week classes resumed. It was really good for me to have the time to be able to get a big chunk of stuff done, but I also did some fun stuff too. I went to IKEA and a bunch of other surrounding stores with a good friend from college on the Monday of spring break which was so fun. We got tons of steps in and lots of chit chat. I always have a blast with her and I'm glad we were able to get together over break when we weren't both bogged down by other stuff going on. I also got to spend Friday of spring break with the entire family and had a great day at Waffle House, the Mint Museum Uptown, and Popbar. I actually blogged and vlogged that adventure so you can check that out here if you're interested!

My parents also went away for a few days this month. My sister and I still had school, and I had work, so we were at home doing that and taking care of our two little dogs. We thought it was going to be a pretty easy few days, but it ended up being pretty crazy. I was super busy and was barely home. But I ended up having car trouble one day, which was fixed thanks to roadside assistance! And, my dad ended up cutting his finger and needing stitches within hours of them being home. Overall, it wasn't a bad few days, but they were definitely packed with craziness!

Another fun thing that happened this month is that a few days ago my sister got her first job! She's a senior in high school who is graduating in June and this week she just started work as an assistant manager at a non-profit thrift store. She had been volunteering there for months now and really enjoyed it so she was excited to be offered a paid position there. I'm super happy for her and hope this job can carry on for as long as she wants and needs it to.

As far as classes are concerned, I was super excited to get a break from my classes on spring break. But overall, my classes are going well. We're getting into talking about lesson plans in my special education classes which is super fun and scary all at the same time. I'm also registering for fall 2017 classes today which is super exciting because I'll be really getting into the program and talking some interesting classes. Before the school year starts again in August I'll do a post about the classes I'm taking so I can share more about that with y'all.

We've also had lots of stuff going on in my sorority this month. We had a Mother Daughter brunch where a bunch of our moms, grandmas, and sisters got together to have some good food and good conversation. We also played a few fun games and even got to hear one of the original founders of my sorority speak. I thought that was super amazing. I got to talk to hear a little bit one on one and took a picture with her, which was one of my favorite things about the brunch.  We're also leaving to go on retreat for the weekend tomorrow! Lastly, my service committee has been working on planning the last of our service projects this month which has been awesome.

I wanted mention a few podcasts I really got into during the month of March in case y'all were interested in giving them a listen!

Up and Vanished- This one is about the disappearance and murder of a school teacher in a really small town in Georgia. The story is mysterious and developments in the case are happening right now as two people have recently been arrested for the crime. It's so good and I've really become obsessed, waiting in anticipation for every new episode. If you're into true crime this podcast is a must!

Survivor Fans Podcast-  In a previous post about the new season of Survivor, linked here, I said I started listening to this podcast and that I would update y'all at the end of the month in this Brunch With Faith post with my thoughts on it and how I like it. So here we are! I like the podcast. As a fan of the show for just about my entire life, it's interesting to hear other people's thoughts on each episode and get the chance to listen to interviews with the evicted castaways, In the long run, I still prefer my true crime podcasts at the end of the day, but I do recommend that you give it a try for yourself  if your a fan of Survivor.

Also, on another note while I'm talking about pop culture, a new season of  Amazing Race starts tonight which I am super excited about. This is another show I've been watching since I was a kid and a really guilty pleasure of mine. I'm excited to see what a new season brings! I hope everyone enjoyed this life update for the month of March and had a good month themselves. These posts are super fun to write so I hope they are fun to read!

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