Thursday, March 16, 2017

Painting & Decorating: My Sorority Pin Box

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share a fun little craft project I did during spring break. But, I wanted to tell a little bit of a back story first. I was part of the founding sisters of my chapter of the sorority I'm a part of. We were recently founded in January but when I got my sister pin I realized I had no where to put it or my old candidate pin. I needed a pin box, but life got crazy and I let that fall to the side. Recently, my mom found a little wooden box in her craft room and gave it to me to use as a pin box. Then, during spring break I went ahead and painted and decorated it. I wanted to share the process with my readers so I took progress pictures along the way. I have pictures from before I did anything to it all the way up to the finished product. I really hope you enjoy seeing these pictures!

These next 3 pictures are the untouched box. I love all the little details it has!

These next 2 pictures are after some paint! 

Here in the post I'd like to explain that I actually had inspiration when decorating my pin box, I did not come up with any of this on my own! A while back I saw a pin box on Pinterest that had a very similar design to the one I went with. I really loved it! Unfortunately, I can't find the pin anymore to be able to show y'all. I ended up just going off of memory and using that as my inspiration. 

As far as the paint was concerned, I kept it pretty simple, a light pink on the "body" of the box and orange on the top and bottom.

Lastly, I added some details or decorations. I honestly believe my pin box would have been incomplete without them!

For decorations I decided to add my sorority letters (Sigma Alpha Omega) and some pearls I found in my moms craft stuff. I also added some felt to the bottom of the box in order to help protect my pins a little better. I think these little additions were perfect for finishing up the box and making it extra cute. This pin box is something I could have for years and years to come so I wanted it to be decorative! 

I really hope y'all liked seeing how I decorated my pin box! It might even give some fellow sorority girls out there some ideas on how to decorate a pin box for either themselves or their little! It was super fun to do and also super fun to document for the blog! Do you like painting or crafting? Are you in a sorority and have made a pin box before? I love to chat about all that stuff in the comments below so let me know!

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