Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SAO Wear The Word Wednesday- LUKE 1:37

Hey everyone today I wanted to take the time to talk a little bit about one of my new favorite Bible verses. But, I wanted to start by saying that I'm writing about it today because it is a part of a really awesome national event today within my sorority. Today, my sorority, Sigma Alpha Omega, is having an event called Wear The Word Wednesday today where us sisters share a specific verse on social media, where it on our clothing, and spread it around campus in any way we can. I really love this event and the fact that we're trying to spread God's word.

Photo Courtesy of the Sigma Alpha Omega National Board

And now is where I get to the Bible verse I mentioned at the beginning. The Bible verse my sorority choose for Wear the Word Wednesday is Luke 1:37 and it reads "For with God, nothing shall be impossible." It's such a great verse and honestly one of my favorites. Because it's the verse for Wear the Word Wednesday I've been thinking about the verse a lot today and what it means to me. So I wanted to sit down and share my thoughts on the Bible verse with my readers. It's a good way to not only participate in the event by sharing the verse but I also think it's a really uplifting and encouraging verse for everyone to take comfort it.

What's really hit me about this Bible verse today has been the word "impossible." Because, if I'm being honest here, it's a big word and it's scary and it carries a lot of weight. The official definition of impossible is "not able to occur, exist, or be done." That's pretty big. When you say that something isn't able to be done, it's never going happen. No matter what you do "impossible" will never be "possible." But this verse reminds us that God can do all things. He makes everything happen. He can make the seemingly "impossible" "possible." That is so encouraging to me because sometimes I feel like some things are impossible. Sometimes I feel defeated because some tasks just feel too big to accomplish. Some things just seem too impossible to overcome. Luke 1:37 reminds me of His great power. It reminds me that whatever seems impossible is possible for my God. It doesn't matter if I feel like I'm not good enough to do something or don't have the ability to accomplish great things because He can do all things. He has it all under control. He makes the "impossible" "possible." And I think that if we live by this verse and believe what Like 1:37  tells us about God, we don't have to live life fearful or stressed or anxious. He is great enough to do all things so there's nothing for us to fear or stress about. All we must do is remain in Him and live our lives with Him. Knowing that has been really encouraging and life giving for me today as I'm in the middle of a crazy semester, as I'm in the middle of the week back from spring break with 3 exams and a quiz on my mind. And I really hope it's encouraging for you, wherever you are,
whatever you're doing today. Just remember Luke 1:37!

I'm also open to talk about our God and His word so if you have any thoughts on this Bible verse I would love to hear them so please please please be sure to comment down bellow! I hope everyone has has a happy Wednesday!

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