Monday, March 6, 2017

To The Girl Struggling To Know Her Worth

It's no surprise that girls struggle with their worth and struggle often. In today's society it's all too easy to compare. Social media websites give us a front and center view of the best parts of other people's lives and also all the praise they receive. They see everyone else's best while seeing their very own worst. But there's also a flipside to this. We’re also able to see all the criticism people get when they don't fit into society's version of perfection. With girls being exposed to this at younger and younger ages, frankly, it sends the message that there is perfect and imperfect, right and wrong. It tells girls that only those who fit a specific definition of perfect, those who can check a specific list of boxes are worth it and the girls who don't or can't don't matter. I'm here to remind the girls struggling to know their worth that this could not be further from the truth.

Worth isn't connected to eternal things. It's not connected to what the media says is beautiful or not beautiful. It's not connected to praise or even to criticism. It's not connected to any words, no matter how hurtful, any person may say to you. Worth is not connected to what you see online.

To the girl struggling to know her worth- you are worth it, despite what society says, despite what that boy in your class says, despite what any social media feed might lead you to believe. You will always be worthy because God made you in His image and made you exactly how you're meant to be.

To the girl struggling to know her worth- the exact reasons you think you're imperfect are the reasons that you're oh so worthy. I know there are times you don't feel perfect but that struggle still doesn't discount your worthiness.

To the girl struggling to know her worth- you are a daughter of God. You are loved and cherished by Him. You are a new creation and redeemed in Him. He gave His one and only son to die for YOU.

To the girl struggling to know her worth- I was you, and still am you to this day. You are not alone. The struggle isn't something you take on by yourself. The burden is not just yours to bare. But this only means that we overcome it together.

I pray that someone is encouraged by these words today. I hope that someone is reminded of their worth today. Please never forget that you are worthy, you are important. You matter. I know it can be a struggle to keep this truth in our hearts in the midst of today's society. But it's true. You are worthy.

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