Saturday, May 6, 2017

CLT Restaurant Bucket List

Hey everyone! If any of you don't already know, I love food and I love trying new restaurants. I think it's tons of fun, can create great memories with the people you go with, and can make for great Instagram pictures.  I've lived in the Charlotte area for about 7 years now. I've gotten the chance to try a few pretty awesome places but I've recently realized that there's still a lot of restaurants in the city that I have yet to try. So, I decided to put a list together of places I want to try and share it right here on the blog with everyone! I wanted to write them all down in hopes it'll motivate me to actually go out and give these places a try. Plus, any readers in the Charlotte area can let me know what they think of these places!

Nellie's Southern Kitchen-* I've been here for dinner but I want to go back for breakfast and lunch!*  This place is owned by the Jonas Brothers' dad and offers lots of southern food. I really want to try breakfast and lunch because dinner was so good and my family and I had so much fun when we were there. (my sister and I even met their little brother Frankie!)

Fahrenheit-*I've been here for brunch but  I want to try it for dinner!* This place is on the top floor of an uptown hotel and it so beautiful and the breakfast food is good too!

Bordeaux's- * I've been here for dinner but I want to go back and try brunch!* This is an authentic New Orleans style restaurant right in the middle of NoDa. Dinner was great but I'd love to get there for brunch too!

Famous Toastery-This is a restaurant near my college campus that has breakfast and lunch food. I know a ton of people that have been before and really enjoyed it so I want to give it a try too.  

Hot Taco-This is a place I've heard about from friends. It obviously is a Mexican restaurant and I really want to try it out. My family and I are huge fans of Mexican food so this is a must! I might even go here for my 21st birthday next January if it's something I end of liking.

Hazelnut's Creperie-Here is a place that is supposed to have really great brunch and I'm all about brunch so it's definitely a place I want to try out at some point.

Jolly Roll-This is an ice cream place that is just outside of Charlotte in Matthews I'd like to visit. They roll their ice cream and it seems like a lot of fun and something super interesting. I'd like to give it a try and get an awesome Instagram picture of course.

Heritage Food and Drink-This place is actually outside of Charlotte in Waxhaw. The menu looks great and I've seen good things about it online so I'm really looking forward to trying this restaurant at some point. 

Royal Cafe-This is a Matthews cafe that offers a ton of different variations of crepes. I'm always down to try some crepes so this is a place I want to get to soon!

Joe's Doughs- This is a cute little place in NoDa that is all about doughnuts. I've been wanting to go there for quite sometime but it always slips my mind when I'm in NoDa. I'm not always a huge doughnut fan, but when I find one I like I'm serious about it-haha. So I want to see if one of those awesome doughnuts are here!

The places on this list are all places I've learned about online or from friends. I'm also always open to hearing more suggestions of places I need to eat at in Charlotte, so if you have any ideas please let me know in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed seeing my restaurant wish-list so to speak and hope to be able to share about my eats at these places soon! Also, if y'all are interested in seeing a blog post about restaurants in Charlotte I have tried and loved let me know in the comments and I'll definitely write that post!

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