Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Why (Special Education)

Hey everyone! I'm actually very excited for today's blog post and I am so excited to share with y'all today. I decided that I'm going to start incorporating more content on my blog relating to my major, which is special education. Special education is obviously a passion of mine and now I'm half way through my degree and focusing solely on upper division classes for my major. I wanted to come up with the perfect post to start including the special education content so that it meshed in with my other lifestyle posts. So, I thought it would be a great idea to share my why, or share why I decided to peruse teaching special education. I thought it was the perfect thing to start off with so that y'all can see my heart behind special education and kick off the new content on Life With Faith! I do want to mention that my blog is not changing other than adding new content. My lifestyle stuff and the stuff you already see on Life With Faith isn't going away.

Now, lets get into my why. First of all I wanted to talk about the fact that I have spent a lot of time around people who have special needs, and  think this is one reason why I choose to major in special education. Growing up, one of my moms good friends lived a few houses down from ours. Both of her sons were diagnosed with Autism and I spent a lot of time with them at their house and at mine. In addition, I spent a lot of time in the special education classroom of the middle school I attended in 7th grade because my mom was a teacher's assistant in their classroom. Lastly, I got to volunteer with the local Special Olympics while I was in high school. I think the fact that I was blessed with so many opportunities to be around people with special needs really made me see their spunk and joy which lead to the realization that I wanted to be surrounded by that each day. I'm majoring in special education because I was blessed enough to see the joy they posses. 

It also became apart to me that those with special needs are in desperate need of people who are about them. Many people see their short comings in terms of their physical or mental capabilities but in my opinion, the main thing that holds them back is that most people don't want spend time with them. This has always deeply broken my heart. I'm majoring in special education because I am one of those people who care. 

This next thing kind of goes along with what I just mentioned, but during my experience with people with special needs, I find that they don't usually experience explicit discrimination (although it does happen), instead I usually find that people take choices away from them. For example, someone might always choose what the person or child with special needs with eat without ever asking them. Now, this isn't always something meant out of malice, sometimes people are just trying to help. However, if people with special needs are given choices, they'll never know that they are capable of making decisions. People without special needs don't have this problem. This idea of self determination has become super important to be. I'm majoring in special education to instill self determination. 

To keep moving right along, for some of the reasons I mentioned above and as a downside to their special needs, life can be hard for people with special needs and sometimes a lot of extra help and instruction is required for them to be successful in life. I've also become really passionate about life skills and the idea that with hard work people with special needs are capable of so much. I'm majoring in special education to set kids with special needs up for a successful life. 

If I sat long enough, I could probably think of a million reasons why I decided to major in special education. And if I'm being really honest, I'm not sure I'll ever have the perfect words to accurately explain my decision. However, I wanted to write this post anyway. It's good to share your heart and passions with others. It's also good to write down your why for those times it gets rough. I hope y'all have really enjoyed learning my why today!

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  1. There's always a need for great special education teachers! Its really tough work, but worth it. I'm a Spanish teacher and I love it because I get to share what I love and (hopefully) help my students grow into well-rounded adults.

    - Courtney