Thursday, June 1, 2017

Brunch With Faith (April + May)

Hey everyone! The past two months have been super crazy!  I haven't have much of a chance to sit down and do a good life update and I wasn't able to put out a "Brunch With Faith" for the month of April. So, I thought it was a good idea to get back into that and make sure I update y'all on what the last two months of my life have looked liked. Be warned, I have a lot to say in today's post!

I think the best place to start is the month of April (I obviously want to keep everything in chronological order if possible!). The month of April was filled with a lot of hours spent working. The school system the boy I nanny goes to school in had their spring break in April, so I worked extra hours and even watched him and another little boy in his class (who I was a nanny for last summer) together for a few hours on two separate occasions. It was super interesting and a real learning experience, but definitively exhausting!

But, the biggest thing that happened during the month of April was the fact that I got in a car accident on my way home from work one night. It's a pretty long story, so I'll give y'all the short version. I ended up in a car accident that totaled my car and left the other car with minor damage. Everyone was okay but I did end of spraining my ankle. This accident impacted me in a much bigger way that I had expected. Because I was injured I had to go to urgent care and had to spend a few days on crutches and a day or so in a brace. After those few days my ankle was mostly healed. I did have to take about a week off of work (I was way to slow to chase after a 6 year old all afternoon!). Now, I do struggle with some occasional pain when I work out and such, but I've stayed positive through this whole experience because every day I can feel my ankle getting even stronger!

And because my car was totaled in the accident, I needed a new car. My dad helped me narrow down what I wanted and found a 2010 Kia Rio that I ended up buying. My parents did help me out a little bit, but I was super proud of myself for being able to buy a car as a sophomore in college. It obviously wasn't an ideal situation (the accident) but I really believe that I have a good God and that He worked the situation for good. Now, I've had the car for about a month and I love it. It's a really good car for me and is much better than my old one in the sense that it's much newer (which means less scratches and better gas millage!).

Right after that it was time to finish out of sophomore year of college. Thankfully, I only had one more class on campus to go to and only one exam on campus to go to. Luickly,  I had an awesome mom that was able to drive me to my last class of the semester and I was healed enough (and had a car) to be able to drive myself to my exam. One of my finals was a final project instead of an exam which was awesome because I was able to just email it to my professor instead of going to campus to take an exam. I ended up not having to take one of my exams because I did well enough on the first 3 tests of the class. Then, I had 2 exams online which I took from home on my laptop, Before final grades we released, I thought I was going to get 2 Bs and 3 As, which I would've been proud of, but when the final grades did come out I ended up with all As after all! So that is super awesome and I'm super proud. With the end of the year came the last sorority chapter meeting, which I ended up missing because of my accident. I was super bummed about that but we are tabling at freshman orientations throughout the summer to get our name out there to the new girls starting college. I'm super excited about that and think it'll be a lot of fun! Because I am now officially half way to my degree (crazy right?!) I decided to post a halfway there reflection that I would love for y'all to read if it's something you're interested in reading! Check it out here!!

With school being out in May and the fact that it meant that I had extra time on my hands, I decided to get more serious about being healthy and making healthier decisions about being active and the food I eat. To help motivate myself I started a second Instagram account to post pictures and Instagram stories of my food and gym session (or just when I get the chance to be active). I think it's been good for me and it's been pretty fun. The beginning didn't go quite as planned because I ended up getting kind of sick (either from allergies or a cold from the little guy I nanny) about the middle of May and kind of let myself get lazy about it. However, now that I'm feeling much better I'm feeling much more motivated! You can follow that Instagram account @faithshealthyjourney! It is set as a private account so I can just keep track of everyone following, but I'm gladly accepting anyone willing to follow along in this process!

I am also back to vlogging! It's something I find super fun and something I really enjoy, but I usually don't have anything interesting enough to vlog during the school year. Now that it's summer I've vlogged a ton. You can check them out on my YouTube channel (Faith Dumais) or you can wait a little bit and see my vlog roundup coming soon! From now on I might just vlog on the weekends, because I've noticed with work I can be a little boring during the week. But either way, there will definitively be vlogs coming all summer long!

I have lots of fun blog posts planned and I cannot wait to share them with y'all! Just to give you something to look forward to, I've got a May Photo Roundup coming up so you'll be able to see lots of pictures from this month! I hope you enjoyed (finaly) being caught up on my life, be sure to let me know what you've been up to in the comments bellow!

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