Monday, June 26, 2017

Dealing With An Injury

Hey everyone! About two months ago I was in a car accident. I talk about it a little bit in a previous post, but it's a really long story. But to make a long story short- I did end up spraining my ankle in the process of the accident. And that's what I wanted to talk about with all of my readers.

Before this injury I had never had any sort of injury before, more than just some scraps and cuts. I've never broken a bone. I've never sprained anything. So, it's no surprise that I had no idea what I was getting into or what was to come when I realized my ankle was hurt. Honestly, I was hoping I'd wake up the next morning and the pain would be gone, nothing more than a memory. That didn't happen. I woke up to the same pain and was scared to move because I didn't want to go through the pain again.

When I found out it was sprained I was told it would take 3 days on crutches and 2 in a gel cast (it's kind of like a huge brace) to get me back to walking normally again. And if I'm being honest, I thought that if I made it through the next 5 days of a little pain I would be in the clear and be back to normal. And as frazzled and exhausted as I was, I was pretty confident I could make it through those 5 days. I have a higher pain tolerance so I thought I would make it through with little damage as long as I stayed calm and listened to the doctor and my mom. Little did I know that I was very wrong.

I was walking without any help after 5 days, that's totally true. But what I didn't realize was that I'd be scared to drive once my ankle was able to take it. My dad made me get behind the wheel of my new car as soon as I was walking without the brace. I didn't want to but I drove around my neighborhood with my sister, our logic being that if I freaked out, she could drive us home. It took a good few days of driving before it felt normal to drive again. Luckily, it only took a few days and I feel so much better about driving now and absolutely love my new car. There were also bruising that didn't show up until 3 or 4 days after the accident and continued to get worse until about a week after the accident. I had bruises all over my foot and ankle for about 2 weeks and was so embarrassed of it I wore tennis shoes any time I had to leave my house. And lastly I want to mention that the pain in my ankle didn't go away after 5 days. It still hurt at times and was very week. I struggled to get back into the gym because of it. I struggled to go to work because of it (I was chasing around a very active 6 year old.)

So when I realized this sprain was going to be a much longer process than the 5 days I had originally thought, I really had to rethink my attitude when it came to dealing with my injury. Obviously "make it through the 5 days" wasn't going to cut it. But I didn't realize that right away, for a little while I was just upset and wished my ankle would stop hurting. But that wasn't working either. However, recently I realized what I need to do. Now I know the best way to deal with my injury from here on out and I wanted to share that with y'all in case anyone else was dealing with a similar situation or needed any encouragement during this time of healing.

At first I was really upset that working out isn't as easy for me anymore as it was before the accident. I still can't run without pain and it'll often hurt after a gym session. But I realized I have to try anyway. I can't be scared of the pain and I can't give up because it's different than it once was. I have to try anyway. I have to try to go to Zumba despite the fact I might not make it through the whole class. I have to try to do some lunges even if I couldn't do them the last time I tried. I have to just try. So my advice to you if your dealing with an injury is try. Try despite anything that might be standing in your way.

I also really struggled with the fact that I can't always make it through an entire workout. It would make me feel so bad about myself. "Everyone can make it through a Zumba class so why can't I" is something I would think to myself often as I walked out of class 30 minutes early. But I realized I can't feel bad because everyone if different and every season of life is different. And honestly, even if I only make it through half of y workout it's still more than what I would've accomplished on the couch. I still made progress. So my advice to you if your dealing with an injury is do not feel bad about having to give it a rest. Rest will make your stronger too.

There you have it. My story and my biggest advice for dealing with an injury. I really hope this helped someone because that was exactly what I wanted to do today. I had no intention of asking for sympathy or wanting anyone to feel bad for me. This is the season of life I'm in and I'm growing from it. I wanted to share that growth with my readers. I hope everyone was able to take something from what I shared today!


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  2. Uhhh, so been there!
    I'm so so sorry. Injuries are no fun!
    I'm pretty new to your blog and I'm having so much fun poking around!
    elissa //