Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Sorority Girls Can Change The World" Book Review

Hey everyone! I really wanted to sit down and share with y'all about a book that I recently finished. This books is called "Sorority Girls Can Change The World" by Katie Blumer.

This book is basically about Katie's experience being in a sorority and encouragement  for other sorority girls. She has a fire for God and sorority girls that is unmatched and every page is so encouraging! Kaite firmly believes that sorority girls can change the world and shares that page after page.

Katie shares a fascinating story about the t-shirt brand Comfort Colors and how sorority girls put them on the map. This book is also full of pure gold about service, philanthropy, and why we need to aim higher and respect ourselves when it comes to the men we date. I obviously don't want to spoil too much of what's inside because I highly recommend every sorority girl read this book!

Every page of this book left me feeling so encouraged and empowered. After reading this book I have a renewed sense of what it means to be a sorority girl and what my impact can be if I focus on the right things. Obviously, this is stuff I generally knew before reading but it really ingrained it into my mind and allowed me to think even more about it. It makes me even think about action steps to make sure I'm living out everything she talks about in this book.

This was a shorter post than y'all have recently see here on Life With Faith. However, I didn't want to let anymore time pass before I shared this book with y'all. Plus the photos were super fun to take! If you're interested in getting the book to read or even picking up the adorable COMFORT COLORS t-shirt (shown in the pictures throughout the post) be sure to check out Katie's website here!

*DISCLAIMER: I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own*

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