Friday, June 9, 2017

May Photo Roundup

Hey everyone! So recently I realized that I ended up having a pretty good number of pictures from the month of May so I wanted to share them all with y'all and wanted to catalog them for myself. I really hope you like looking at all these pictures from my month of May! I think taking pictures throughout the month is a super fun way to document life and give myself something fun to do and I'm so glad I can make the readers of Life with Faith a part of it!

If you've been keeping up with my current blog posts (don't worry- they're linked at the end of the post if you missed it!) you know that I got a new car at the very beginning of May. I really love it and am planning to share more about it soon!

Of course we celebrated Mother's Day during May. We went to church and out to lunch, but we had to grab this picture together before we went into the worship experience at Elevation Church. 

On Mother's Day Elevation Church gave every women one of these mugs (that reminds us all of one of Pastor Steven's sermons) in order to announce the date of the second annual Reflect event. Reflect is an event just for women that Pastor Steven's wife, Holly, started last year).

During the month of May I found out about a sunglasses brand call SoJo's Vision. I got 2 pairs of glasses. I have on the first pair in the picture above and bellow. I have on the second pair in the picture 2 down from this caption with the greenery as background. These sunglasses are really inexpensive and super cute! I'm honestly really tempted to buy even more pairs!

So since it's been summer time here in NC we've had a good amount of rain. And because I'm a nanny who has to wait at the bus stop, I've had to wait in the rain, with an umbrella of course. I snapped this picture while I waited on a rainy day. 

We got to celebrate my little cousin's birthday at his party during May. He's always moving but I had to get a picture with him before we headed home. But I couldn't miss a picture with his baby brother either! (He's pictured bellow!)

To celebrate Memorial Day we went to a local park for an awesome fireworks show. I was able to snap this awesome shot! It really was the best way to celebrate the holiday.

Another picture taken while I wait at the bus stop but this day was really hot! 

To see even more about the month of May I had you can check out a few other blog posts I have up! To see video of my month check out my May Vlog Roundup here. To read a life update check out my Brunch With Faith blog post here.

Before I wrap this post up I do want to mention that this photo roundup post may not happen in June or July because I already have photo journal posts planned for specific events during those months. However, if this post is something you really enjoy seeing please let me know in the comments bellow and I can definitely make it happen in months to come!

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