Monday, June 19, 2017

Photo Journal: Hailey Graduates

Hey everyone! So last week something super fun happened in my family-- my little sister Hailey graduated from high school! I wanted to document the occasion is some way here on Life With Faith (and also include all my awesome readers in the experience) so I decided I would sit down and share some pictures from the days surrounding her graduation. I hope you enjoy this look into the celebration.

Saturday, June 10th

On Saturday morning I decided to snap this cute picture of our old dog Bandit. I say old because he's been a part of our family since I was in 4th grade! I thought this picture turned out so much better than I expected and thought it was good enough to share!

Sunday, June 11th

Sunday morning I decided to have a bowl of granola (which my mom makes!) with almond milk (I only drink almond milk now!) and a banana. It was a super yummy breakfast and a must healthier one than a lot of other things I could've chosen. I'm a big believer in a good breakfast in the morning! 

On Sunday we decided to grab a yummy lunch at a local Mexican restaurant my family loves with my grandma (who was in town for Hailey's graduation). My grandpa couldn't travel with her from Colorado and wanted my grandma to take a picture of my dad, sister, and I, so this was the result!

We also decided to stop by the university (Wingate University) my sister will start attending in the fall. It's a pretty nice campus and I decided to grab a picture with my sister by the water tower while we were there. 

The Sunday adventures wouldn't have been complete without a stop at the local snow cone place, Snowball Cabin. It was a good way to end the day and a good way to take the edge of the heat off!

Monday, June 12th
Hailey's Graduation Day!!

My mom and I ran to Jamba Juice to grab my sister a big smoothie to help her celebrate her graduation. It was a fun little trip and I'm glad we were able to do something a little extra for her.

I had a little bit of an odd lunch this day but it was honestly delicious! I had grilled chicken, plain ramen noodles (cooked with chicken broth instead of the packet it comes with), and fruit (blue berries and strawberries).

Before we went to the graduation ceremony Hailey and I grabbed a picture together :)

Here's a selfie from while I was waiting in the car. Hailey had to be at the ceremony an hour early so my mom and I went with her and my dad brought all my grandparents after when it was closer to the start of the ceremony. While I waited I listened to a podcast and (obviously, took a selfie)

One more picture with Hailey!

We had to get a picture of the whole "core 4" too!

After graduation we went out to eat and I got a very unhealthy but very yummy dinner!

I really enjoy sharing thee "photo journal" post with y'all and I hope y'all do as well. I cannot wait to share even more with y'all in year to come because I think it's a great way to share my life! 

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