Saturday, June 24, 2017

What Am I Doing This Summer?

Hey everyone! Today I really wanted to talk about my plans for this summer. You may or may not know that I spent the semester working as a nanny for a little boy with Down Syndrome and I thought that the job would last all summer up until my first day of classes in August. Well plan changed, as the often do, and last week ended up being my last week with the family. Nothing bad happened to cause this and everything ended well. However, after the job ended I decided not to search for another constant job because I had been feeling really burnt out so I felt like it was important to take a break at this point in my life when I had the chance to. So with that being said, you're probably asking how I'm going to be spending the next two much while I'm on break from classes. That's why I wanted to sit down and share everything I plan on doing this summer.

If I'm being honest, I don't get as much time as I'd like to blog during the school year. So, I want to spend as much time as I can working on stuff for not only my personal blog but also the blog I work for called Tribe 21. It's so fun for me to sit down in front of my laptop and write so I want to write this summer.

Bible Study
As I said above, I don't give enough time to studying the Word during the school year so I want to spend a lot of time with Bible studies and getting myself into a routine with it that works so that I am able to continue with it when the school year starts.

Again, I don't have enough time to read books I chose to read during the school year so I want to dive into some books over the summer as much as I can.

Working out/ eating healthier
Keeping a workout schedule and eating healthy is so difficult for me so I really want to work on it while I have some extra time to spend being serious about it. I'm hoping that with some work I'll be able to keep up the routine during the school year.

Spending time at the neighborhood pool
I love our neighborhood pool and I love spending time in the water during the summer so I want to soak up as much time there as I possibly can. It's been raining a lot here in NC lately but hopefully it'll be done.

Spending a week at the beach 
My family has a week at the beach planned soon and I am so excited to go. It'll be so much fun and I really miss the beach. It should be a great part of my summer.

Spending a day on Lake Norman in a pontoon boat
My family also has a day planned to spend on a boat on Lake Norman. We've been doing this for years and it always feels like a mini vacation. It also ends up being one of the highlights of my summer ever year so I'm definitely very excited for it!

Trying out Top Golf
A new place just opened up called Top Golf (it's basically bowling but with golf!) and my family is planning on giving it a try this summer. I'm excited and I think it'll be awesome to try something new and step a little bit out of my comfort zone.

Niner Nights with SAO
My university does these events called "Niner Night" during the summer that shows the incoming freshman what organizations the college has to offer. Each organization sets up a table and has members talk to the freshman about their organization. I have done two of these nights already and am signed up to be at two more before the end of the semester. It's pretty fun and something I enjoy so these next two events coming up should be fun!

Hopefully a day trip to Greenville, SC or Raleigh, NC 
My sister and I have been talking about doing a day trip to either Greenville or Raleigh this summer. So we really need to buckle down and plan it out and go to one or both because I really want to visit both. Plus it seems like it would be super fun!

Hopefully catching up with a few friends
I have a few friends I really want to meet up with this summer so I really need to reach out to these girls and plan something with them. Hopefully it all works out and I get to see these friends!

Babysitting occasionally 
Just because I don't have a consistent job doesn't mean I won't be babysitting here and there. I already have a few babysitting jobs on my calendar and am super willing to take on more if I'm asked. I just new I wanted to step back from having a job I go to 4 or 5 days a week.

I hope y'all really enjoyed seeing what I plan on doing this summer because it has felt so good it talk about it! If I'm being honest, I felt pretty guilty about not having a job at first. I felt like it would be lazy of me to not work this summer but  I really just feel like God was telling me to take a bit of a break this year and I'm super excited to see how the next two months turn out!

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