Saturday, July 1, 2017

Brunch With Faith (June)

Hey everyone! I honestly can't believe another month has passed and that I'm sitting down to share another life update with ya'll! June was a crazy month and as always, I'm super excited to share with y'all everything I have been up to the entire month of June.

So to start, at the very beginning on the month I got a salt lamp for my room. I originally saw them on a teacher's video and she talked about having one in her classroom. I think that's a super cool idea I want to do for my future classroom. But, I couldn't wait 2 years to have one so I bought one at Bed Bath and Beyond for my bedroom. I seriously love it! On the same note, that same day my family bought a few fidget spinners. We heard all the hype and wanted to try it out for ourselves, although we we all totally skeptical. But, I do have to say we all enjoy. It's obviously not something I am obsessive about, but I understand the appeal and I'm happy about the fact that I own one.

A super fun thing I wanted to make sure I shared about was the fact that I won an award from the national board of my sorority! My sorority held convention at the beginning of June and each year they hold an award ceremony. I was not able to actually attend convention this year but I was awarded a brand new award titled the "Sister of Service" award. It made me feel super good and super proud of myself, my chapter, and so thankful of where God has placed me in life and what's He's done for me.

The next event of the month was that Hailey graduated high school! It was a crazy few days but I'm super happy for her. I actually posted a photo journal with pictures of the celebration. If you want to check that out it is linked right here.

Soon after that it was Father's Day. We didn't have super crazy plans for the day. We went out to one of my dad's favorite restaurants and that was going to be it. But, on a last minute decision we decided to get ice cream at this place we've been wanting to try and ended up exploring downtown Waxhaw in the process (it's a little town near where I live). I also posted a photo journal about that so if you want to check that out it is linked right here.

This month I actually have huge news regarding work. I am no longer working! It's a lot story as to why this came about and it's a story y'all are most likely not interested in and one that it just a tiny bit too personal to share online. But, what you do need to know is that it was a mutual decision and everything was left on good terms and I see it as a good thing that worked out for the best for everyone. It was hard to leave the little boy I nannied because I really love him a ton, but I could tell I needed this summer for myself and take a break. However, I'm still going to be babysitting here and there like I have been for years and years. I just don't have a consistent job right now. Speaking of babysitting, I babysat for a new family a little bit after I had stopped working, so things are really going great.

As far as my sorority goes, I have helped with having a table set up at freshman orientation in order to get our name out to girls who will be starting college at UNCC at the fall. It's been a lot of fun to talk to girls and hang out with my sisters at the same type. We're really starting to prepare for our fall recruitment and I just know it's going to be great!

I've also spent a lot more type at the pool and at the gym which has been so fun and so good for my soul. I love both places and love having plenty of time to spend there. I hope this continues on through the summer!

I want to mention a TV show that I started watching during the month of June and just love- Private Practice. It's a spin-off drama of Grey's Anatomy. I get so involved in every episode and every development in the characters lives. I'm currently about 3/4's of the way through season 2 and there are 6 total seasons. I'll be sad when I'm finished because it's so good! I also want to mention a new podcast that just released in June. It's called Sworn and it's made by a lot of the same people as the podcast Up and Vanished. The episodes so far have been really interesting. If you're interested in true crime and true crime podcasts I would really recommend this one!

I really hope you enjoyed hearing about everything I've been up to during June! It's super fun sharing wit y'all! Let me know about something fun you did this past month in the comments bellow!

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