Sunday, July 9, 2017

Six on Sunday

Hey everyone! So this weekend has been super fun and I've been really in the mood to share about some random stuff. I have a few TV shows I've been watching and have some items I just purchased that I really want to share with ya'll about. So I decided to sit down and just kind of ramble. This is probably going to end up being very similar to the "Friday Five" posts that bloggers do. I love these posts but because it's not Friday and because I have 6 things instead of 5- what better title for a post like this than "Six on Sunday"? I really hope y'all enjoy this kind of post!

1// Boy Band
This is a new TV show on ABC that is a competition to find a group of guys to be the next big Boy Band. This show is so good and I love all the celebrities who are found on the show. I think the it's a really interesting competition style and all the guys on this first season seem to be super talented. So if this sounds like something you're interested in- be sure to check it out!

2// Big Brother
I couldn't have a blog post about random things I've been loving without mentioning Big Brother. It's my favorite TV show of all time and my biggest guilty pleasure. And let me tell y'all- this season is so good and I have been loving every second of it this summer. If you haven't watched it yet I highly suggest you start and if you have been watching-I'm #TeamPaul all the way!

3// Books, books, books
So I'm going to be spending a tong of time reading in the next few weeks because the other day I picked up 3 books from the library and then on Saturday I got 2 books at a local used book store in my area called "The Book Lady." From the library I got I Wear The Black Hat by Chuck Klosterman, Mistress by James Patterson, and Hide & Seek by James Patterson. From the used book store I got Judge & Jury by James Patterson and David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. Obviously, you can tell that I am a James Patterson fan and I absolutely love Malcolm Gladwell as well so I cannot wait to read all of these books.

4// Future classroom decor & color scheme
So this one requires a tiny bit of a story. So I'm a special education major so I am always at the hunt for things I can used in my future classroom. A while back I saw this decor kit by Recollections at Micheal's that I just loved and I couldn't help but think that it would make the best decoration kit for a classroom. However, it was $20 so I decided at the time that it was a little bit too much to spend when I still had about 2 years until I have my a classroom of my own. That was probably about a month or so ago, and when I went to Micheal's on Saturday, I saw that the kit was 70% and there was only 1 left. I took that as a sign it was meant to be and bought it for only $6! I'm so excited for it and decided to use the colors as the color scheme for my entire classroom.

Photo taken from here

5// "That One Happy Classroom" on YouTube
I love teacher videos and especially teacher vlogs. I found this newer YouTube channel titled That One Happy Classroom (linked) that I have really enjoyed. She starts her first year of teaching in August and it has been so much fun watching her journey and makes me so excited to teach someday! She's even inspiring me to possibly have a teacher vlog channel on YouTube when I start to teach. If you're interested in learning about some more teachers I subscribe to on YouTube, let me know!

6// My new laptop wallpaper
I had been on the hunt for a new laptop wallpaper for a few days but wasn't finding anything I enjoyed until I came upon this post on Pinterest. It has three beautiful, free downloadable wallpapers for a laptop or desktop. I picked the that says "rad" in hot pink balloons pictured bellow. I think it's so cute and so high quality. I'm so happy that I found it!

Photo taken from here

I really hope y'all enjoyed this! I think posts like this are so much fun to write because I just love being able to talk about everything I've been into. If you have anything you've been loving recently- be sure to let me know about it in the comments bellow!

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  1. I love the kit you bought for your classroom! So fun and colorful. I had to read David & Goliath for a psychology class I was in before, I thought it was interesting!

    Kayla |